Shingles Vaccination (Live)


Shingles infection (Herpes Zoster) is due to reactivation of Chickenpox infection. It is an infection of the nerve and skin and people who have previously had chickenpox have a 1:4 chance of getting Shingles in their life.  
Shingles rash

In Shingles, the person gets an itchy rash which then blisters, yellows and scabs. These skin lesions may occur over a week. The symptoms can be associated with fever and a headache. The lesions can also be painful, burning and tingling. The rash sometimes takes 4 weeks to heal completely.

Any nerves may be infected including those around the eye or even in the brain and sometimes the skin gets infected. Other complications can be accessed here .The main complication is nerve pain after the lesions have gone which can be extremely painful and disturbing. This is called post-herpetic neuralgia. People cannot catch Shingles but they can get Chickenpox from the lesions. A way to reduce the risk of getting Shingles is to be vaccinated. The shingles vaccines is licensed for people over the age of 50 years old. Whilst it reduces the risk of shingles it cannot guarantee an individual won’t get shingles however those who get shingles after being vaccinated usually get a much milder for of the infection.  
Zostavax shingles vaccine